Sean Higgins Trio

Shanghai Decade

"Shanghai Decade" is a collection of ten original compositions documenting Sean's ten years in Shanghai, China. It is an album full of hellos, new friendships, tributes to friends lost, and goodbyes. Enjoy the new grooves and tempos as you join in on the journey to the Far East!

Three Years' Stories

Sean's 2nd album as a leader features compositions that document his travels in his journey spreading music around the globe. free samples.....

The New Thought

What is at the beginning of every major innovation, breakthrough, or idea? A spark of creativity, a whim or inspiration, a new thought. free samples.....

Other Projects

Tiffany Abril - Touched

Sean had the pleasure of leading the band for vocalist extraordinaire, Tiffany Abril's first album. He also mixed the album read more.....

Sean Higgins Trio - Shanghai Decade

Audio Samples

1) JZ, The Club
2) Samba D
3) Earl The Pearl
4) And Then I Met Maggie
5) Bud Powell In The 21st Century
6) New Friend
7) Thou Shalt Not
8) Goodbye Shanghai
9) Meachie And His Party People
10) Until The Next Time

Sean Higgins - Piano
Ji Peng - Bass
Nicholas McBride - Drums

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